Guitar Lessons

Electric or Acoustic?

At PianoArtAcademy you can take both Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Electric Guitar Lessons. For young beginners we recommend starting with an classical guitar as the nylon strings are softer on the fingers.


Reading Music

When you book in for Guitar Lessons with PianoArtAcademy, you will be assigned an expert Guitar Teacher who is fully qualified to not only guide you or your kids towards becoming a wonderful Guitar Player, but a Guitar Player you knows how to read music. So many modern day guitarists are unable to read music which limits their options musically later in life.


Making Music Fun

Learning music should be fun. Heaps of Fun! While we do place a strong emphasis on professionalism and technique, the most important part of music is enjoyment. Our Guitar Lessons are designed to be enjoyable. How do we accomplish this? We encourage all of our students to choose their own music. When you’re learning to play a song you love, you tend to practice a lot. For younger students who are yet to develop their own tastes in music, our Guitar Teacher can help by recommending some great songs for them to learn.


Guitar LessonsBelow are some Frequently Asked Question about Guitar Lessons:

What days and times do you offer lessons?

Our Guitar Lessons are available Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday usually during the afternoon/evening time. Wednesday is already fully booked.

Does the student need to have his or her own guitar?

Yes. In order to get the most out of the guitar lessons we offer, our students need to practice during the week.

What sort of Guitar should we buy? How much will we need to spend?

The Great thing about having guitar lessons is that a beginner guitar is relatively inexpensive. If you have decided that you or your kids would like to start Guitar Lessons and you currently don’t have a guitar, please call us on 773.727.2136 and we can recommend the right sort of guitar for you depending on the age of the student. Beginner Guitars can be as little as $100.